Head Chef Tzvi Rudin

Following his attendance at culinary school in Israel, Chef Tzvi has over attained over 20 years’ experience in Kosher upmarket catering and events, including many years of Pesach operations. Chef Tzvi has catered numerous weddings and bar mitzvahs as well as working for high profile clients as a personal chef.  Chef Tzvi lives in Philadelphia with his wife Naomi and their BA”H five children and is a Hatzalah volunteer in his spare time. As the head of our culinary team, Chef Tzvi looks forward to greeting everyone and to creating a wonderful Pesach experience for all our guests.

Rabbi and Scholar in Residence
Rabbi Chaim Rappaport

We are thrilled that the esteemed Rabbi Chaim Rappaport will be joining us for the entire Pesach.

Rabbi Rappaport is a world-renowned scholar, author, educator, and Judaic scholar, who will delight and enthrall you with his fascinating and interesting lectures and classes.

In 1989, Rabbi Rapoport took up position as head of the Lubavitch Kollel in Leeds UK, a position which he occupied until the end of 1994. In the years 1994 – 1997 Rapoport served as the Rabbi of the Birmingham Central Synagogue and the Head of the Birmingham Rabbinic Board.

In September 1997 Rabbi Rapoport was appointed as Rabbi of the Ilford Synagogue, Beehive Lane, in London, where he served with distinction for many years.

In 1998 Rabbi Rapoport was appointed as a member of the Chief Rabbi’s Cabinet and Advisor to the Chief Rabbi, Jonathan Sacks, on matters of Jewish Medical Ethics and served in this position until the retirement of Rabbi Sacks in 2013. In this capacity, he served as the Chief Rabbi’s spokesperson to the media and as an intermediary between himself and the British medical establishment and several other prominent organizations.

During this period Rabbi Rapoport gave a regular lecture to the United Synagogue Rabbinate at the London School of Jewish Studies.

Family Entertainer Rabbi B

Bringing joy, meaning and fun to family entertainment, Rabbi B leads the way as this generation’s Jewish, and bearded, pied-piper. For a decade now, Rabbi B has strummed his catchy songs and created hilarious shtick to engage, entertain and educate his young audiences. With the help of some larger-than-life characters, interactive audience participation activities and visual props, Rabbi B’s performances are a celebration of friendship, good deeds and inner joy.

Stay tuned for more interesting personalities who will be joining us for Pesach